Asking is developing

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Specific Improvements or Ideas for Improvement

Coming into these last two weeks I really felt like I was grinding … so I strategically built in more breaks and time to unplug and time to reflect on learning which I find very energizing. Made a huge improvement in energy and attitude. It’s very easy for me to get in to doing mode.

What’s Next In Your Pilot Testing

A couple of things: the brain does not understand NOT so I’m going to express things in the positive rather negative. for example with my son I told him you don’t want to overdue it with your workouts your body needs to have rest … while true the brain evidently hears the opposite. The other test is that when I think I see a solution I’m going to continue to ask more questions … up to 3. I’ve really ramped up question asking and challenging others to come up with their own solutions and for others to realize learning especially with my leadership team, however I have two of my MD’s I want to engage more in this over the next two weeks.