Virtual Impact Burst

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Specific Improvements or Ideas for Improvement

Created new virtual daily recruiter connects: 20 minutes what did you accomplish yesterday, what are you learning / how are you innovating? what are your 2 priorities for today? what does success look like at the end of the day? 2. Virtually 2x week with MD’s 30 min. similar. big win yesterday, recruiting what needs to happen today, development who needs a lift / what needs to happen today, what are you learning and how are you innovating, what would you like to ask each other. 3. town hall for under 5’s and another town hall for vets. sharing ideas, how are you winning, innovating.

What’s Next In Your Pilot Testing

small thing testing now is catching people going above and beyond and recognizing that. TSP … truthful, specific, and positive. Aaron suggested TIPS and put insightful in there. I like the specific aspect of that so I’m calling out the behavior.