Virtual Signing Day .. conversions, parents; conv. read design statements, leaders summarized what they have accomplished and why they are excited to have them join the firm. We had all the college teams on a zoom with a “national signing day” backdrop. Cool event and fun for all.

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Specific Improvements or Ideas for Improvement

Continue to ask questions at all levels of the firm. What are you learning? How are you applying? What are your top 2 priorities today … that flow into weekly priorities. Having more briefer, better, more productive meetings. Did a virtual Core IV with leadership teams from all offices in half the time we have done in the past. Feedback was outstanding. Meeting was on point efficient and productive.

What’s Next In Your Pilot Testing

Next two weeks my CDO/DD and I are going to be finalizing the selection process with 10 individuals we are talking with from 2 other companies. Suanne was super helpful helping me understand how I was feeling based on my profile and a game plan with one of the leaders. This is a huge test and something we have not before but I’m excited to be doing it … playing offense in a way we have not before. This group and keeping a cutting edge mentality to advance has been very inspiring to me. Thankful to be part of this.